BISF House Renovations

Containerclad are specialist fitters for Cladding and Lightweight Roofing Systems on BISF / prefab homes, with over 20 years experience. They recognise that these types of homes present special problems and understand that house owners will be concerned to ensure that Cladding and Roofing works are carried out to the manufacturers recommendations and specifications. On steel framed houses it is important to use materials with good expansion and contraction properties. It is not recommended that sand or mortar mixtures such as Tyrolean or Pebble-dash are used as these can crack with time, allowing water into the main steel frame of the building and causing problems with rust.

Cladding can be used very effectively to renovate BISF Steel Framed Houses. It can also be used to achieve attractive and efficient design options for individual facade effects on 

  • Blackburn and Riley Houses 
  • Howard 
  • Tarran 
  • Newlands 
  • Cornish 
  • Hawksley 
  • and Park Homes


There are many advantages to fitting Cladding, as opposed to more traditional construction methods. This can renovate tired-looking houses with a new 21 st century façade.

  • Assembly of Cladding is quick and simple, creating attractive elevations 
  • A treated wooden base is constructed, to which the Cladding is fastened 
  • Cladding provides a wide range of colours, patterns and textures to suit your individual requirements 
  • Cladding is lightweight yet strong, and has a long life 
  • Cladding is resistant to impact, corrosion, insects, mould and fungi 
  • Cladding is resistant to corrosion, frost and weather 
  • Cladding acts as Insulation, keeping the house warmer 
  • Cladding requires minimal maintenance


BISF house before cladding






 BISF house construction



Complete your BISF House renovation with:

  • Lightweight Roofing Tiles – available in a durable traditional pantile profile, with a unique overlapping fixing system 
  • Barge Boards, Soffits and Guttering - why not install new low-maintenance Soffits and Guttering while the main cladding and roofing work is going on? These are simple to fit whilst the main cladding and roofing work takes place, and perfectly completes the renovation 
  • New Windows and Doors - The Cladding system provides special customised surrounds to trim and finish around all your Window and Door reveals. These are held in place with secret fixings, and can easily be removed. Your old Windows and Doors can then be taken out, and replaced with best quality glass and uPVC