Fixing system

ContainerClad* unique fixing system enables containers constructed from aluminium, steel and stainless steel to be clad without piercing the fabric of the container. The system is fitted using only fully approved staff with over 20 years experience in the cladding industry. All materials are installed in accordance with the ContainerClad unique Fixing System.
* Patent No 1018473.7


All cladding and roofing products have passed stringent Quality Assurance controls.

In addtion, the ContainerClad unique Fixing System has achieved 100% adhesive bonding strength in environmental exposure tests. Cataplasma indications measured in an extremely demanding regime over 14 days at 100% humidity and 70 degrees Centigrade, have indicated excellent performance.

Environmentally friendly

Large parts of the cladding facade systems are recyclable, and can be re-fed into the production process as recyclates.


PERFORMANCE - lightweight yet strong

Create the solid, optical format of traditional building materials, whilst ensuring that the steel structure is loaded with only minimal stress.

PROPERTIES - weather resistant

Curtain-type rear-ventilated facades provide continuous circulation of air between the cladding and container. This system promotes optimum natural climate protection against driving rain, frost, and corrosion, while preventing accumulation of condensation. Integral thermal properties allow for heat-related expansion and contraction.

DURABILITY - low maintenance

Ensuring high resistance to impact damage and protection from insects, mould and fungi, due to a surface membrane with corresponding UV protection that has been used over many years for uPVC windows. Cladding facades offer robust durability and guaranteed long life expectancy.


Lightweight roofing tiles are manufactured from steel that is ‘hot-dipped’ in a specialised coating to give a significantly longer service life than a galvanised product. This process combines the superior corrosion protection of aluminium, with the advantages of zinc, to produce a corrosion resistant alloy roofing system.


  • Can convert the flat roof of any structure to a traditional apex
  • Is available in traditional pantile profile
  • Is installed using a unique overlapping system
  • Is lighter, easier and quicker to install than conventional roofing
  • Reduces Scaffolding time
  • Makes the steel structure weatherproof faster
  • Uses the ‘dry-fix’ method which means no sand, concrete or mastic filler
  • Gives strength and durability
  • Eliminates the need for on-going maintenance
  • Inhibits moss and algae growth
  • Protects against weather penetration, and ingress by birds or vermin